What We do...

We provide a full range of services on both bubbling and circulating fluidized bed boilers. Our typical services include:

  • Help increase generation or improve boiler or sulfur capture efficiency of fluidized bed boilers.
  • Investigate into causes for boiler failure like excessive erosion/corrosion of boiler components and offer solutions for reduction of the same.
  • Investigate into reasons for excessive furnace temperature, low cyclone efficiency, etc. and suggest solutions.
  • Help prepare boiler design specifications, evaluate bids and audit designs of fluidized bed boilers.
  • Develop new or improve existing components of fluidized bed boilers.
  • Provide specialized training on design, operation or maintenance of fluidized bed boilers.

What Makes Us Different...

  • We are probably the first full service private company offering R&D services exclusively on fluidized bed boilers. Our work rests on uninterrupted R&D by our people on this subject since 1974.
  • We offer cutting edge advanced R&D services as well as design of complete fluidized bed boilers or its components.
  • We have the capability of measuring all fuel parameters related to boiler design, and facilities for verification or simulation of proposed design modification and for testing new fuels.
  • We have access to a large experimental facility and a large pool of engineers trained in fluidized bed boilers.

Our Background...

Back in 1975, late Prof Douglas Elliott of Aston University, UK, known as "the father of fluidized bed boilers" ignited the spirit of fluidized bed boilers in Dr. Prabir Basu who continued uninterrupted practice-oriented research till date, producing hundreds of technical papers and many books on this subject. He worked in both boiler industry and academia, developing world's first coal/biomass fired bubbling fluidized bed boiler (1982), and developing South Asia's first CFB boiler (1991) for coal.

This company was founded to serve fluidized bed boilers industries using this unique expertise and experience. We work closely with a highly sophisticated large fluidized bed boiler laboratory with assistance from prominent fluidized bed boiler experts around the world and highly trained young engineers.

Why We Do It...

Fluidized bed boiler is our passion, not just a business for money. We believe this technology can do much for the world's environment, for its energy resource utilization and finally for the good of the people. We serve fluidized bed boiler industries with a sense of dedication. Our President established the international conference series on circulating fluidized beds, transferred CFB technology to India and China through Canada-India and Canada-China bilateral agreements. To promote fluidized bed boilers he wrote first English language as well as Chinese language books on CFB boilers.

Our clients include fluidized bed boiler users and manufacturers from countries like Canada, USA, China, Korea, India, Ireland, Brazil, Thailand, etc.

For More Details Please Contact:

Greenfield Research Incorporated
PO Box 25018
Halifax, NS

Tel: +001-902-422-9426
Fax: +001-902-443-6424

The start-up process of Fluidized Bed Boilers

Pilot-scale model showing disintegration of clusters in fast bed operation of a Circulating Fluidized Bed

Combustion in Circulating Fluidized Bed boilers