Training Courses Offered By GRI on Circulating Fluidized Bed Systems

Greenfield research Inc. provides training on all the topics regarding the CFB technology. Some of the topics are mentioned below.

  1. Hydrodynamics in CFB boilers
  2. Combustion in CFB boilers
  3. Heat transfer in CFB boilers
  4. Configurations of CFB boilers
  5. Design methods for CFB boiler
  6. Operating problems of CFB boiler
  7. Material issues
  8. Basic operation and maintenance of CFB boilers
  9. Training on ASME code PTC 4.0
  10. Technical advice and assistant with performance test and commissioning
  11. HSE (Health, Safety and Environment)
    • Coal Properties and make up
    • Significant Incidents related to Coal such as spontaneous combustion and coal fires
    • Safety Hazards of Coal
    • Health Hazards Related to Coal
    • Environmental Hazards of Coal
    • Coal Dust Explosion (What happens / How it happens) and prevention
    • Safety, health and environmental processes to be observed in:
      • Coal storage in Silo
      • Coal handling in Conveyor belt system
      • Coal reclaiming system
      • Coal bunker and feeding system
    • Coal combustion in CFB
    • Safety Awareness of storing coal in coal silos
  12. Boilers failures
    • Erosion and corrosion issues
    • Identifying root cause of the failure
    • Solution steps
    • Working strategy to reduce the failure
  13. Co-firing in CFB boilers and required design modification
  14. Planning for a FBC Project-tender specification preparation and bid evaluation